Cheryl Wilson-Bridges

Cheryl Wilson-Bridges

Cheryl Wilson-Bridges

Pastor For Worship


Cheryl Wilson-Bridges serves as Sligo’s pastor for worship. She holds an MA in Practical Theology, Worship and Renewal, and a doctorate in Strategic Leadership. The thesis for her Masters was, “A Resource Manual on Worship Ministries,” and the final project for her doctorate was titled, “Levite Praise: God’s Biblical Design for Praise and Worship.” Dr. Wilson Bridges has demonstrated the ability to provide day to day education, training, strategy development and program management for promoting genuine worship experience. She is a deeply spiritual leader, who came to Sligo with more than 12 years’ experience as minister of worship at the Community Praise Center Seventh-day Adventist Church. Her husband, Conrad and son, Darius, are essential components of her overall ministry.



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