Sweets Fundraiser


Every year our Sligo Pathfinder Club creates amazing high quality gourmet sweets as a fundraiser for the incredible calendar of experiences and growth opportunities our Pathfinders find so valuable. These are not your every day sweets. Our pathfinders aim to impress you and your loved ones.  


Candy Connoisseur’s basket includes: 

• 12 pc Truffles, 
• 6 pc Truffles, 
• 20 pc Pecan Turtles, 
• 20 pc Cashew Cluster, 
• 1 lb Asst. Caramels, and 
• 1 lb Peppermint Bark.


Sampler Basket includes: 

• 12 pc Truffles, 
• 10 pc Pecan Turtles, 
• 10 pc Cashew Clusters, 
• ½ lb Asst. Caramels, and 
• ½ lb Peppermint Bark. 



Truffles are ordered by box. Please indicate how many individual truffles of each flavor, up to the total of the count available per box (6 truffles per 6-count box, 12 truffles per 12-count box). We will happily create a randomized assortment of flavors if individual choices are not indicated on the form.


Click here for the fillable order form and email to:

Mike Doherty and Darrell Milam

Order deadline (placement and payment) Immediately following 2nd Service: December 15, 2018. 

Order pickup: December 22, 2018. 

Sligo Challengers deeply appreciates your support. Please note, we will not be able to process your order until final payment is received. Payments made via cash or check (payable to “Sligo Pathfinders”) will be automatically recorded. If payment is made via the Sligo Church donation website, please email a copy of the receipt to pathfinder@sligochurch.org and mike@clanndoherty.com to ensure your order is processed. 


For questions, email Darrell Milam at pathfinder@sligochurch.org or Mike Doherty at mike@clanndoherty.com. 


2017 Sligo Challengers Pathfinder Fundraiser Online Payment


You may pay for your order using the Sligo Church website. Please follow the instructions below: 

• Open a web browser to the Sligo Church website: http://sligochurch.org 
• Click the Donations button at the bottom of the page 
• For the “Purpose”, please specify “Sligo Pathfinders Candy 2018” 
• Donation amount is equal to the total of your order 
• Complete the remaining information and submit 
• Please forward a copy of the PayPal email receipt to pathfinder@sligochurch.org and mike@clanndoherty.com 




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