Our Vision:

Our vision is: To bring joy beyond loss through a sympathetic ministry of compassion. 


Who We Are:

HeartLifters is a support community offering comfort and assistance to those who have lost spouses by death or divorce.  Through a sympathetic ministry of compassion, people like us share experiences together at potlucks, workshops, presentations and afternoon fellowship.


Our Beginnings:

Not long ago a few of us who have experienced the loss of a spouse felt the need to reach out to others at Sligo Church who have had had a similar experience. That was how HeartLifters began in 2017.  We found that there were over 60 members listed in the Sligo database who had lost a spouse.  So that’s where we started.  We invited them to a potluck, shared stories together and asked for input.  HeartLifters is a ministry that provides for people to get together, visit, learn new things and share experiences in overcoming the challenges of life.  We want to reach out to those who are lonely so they feel part of a community. Many of our HeartLifters are unable to attend events, but they’re remembered on their birthdays and other occasions. Prayer partners also call each other to encourage and pray together. For those close enough to attend, there are workshops on various topics.  Even our young adults are involved with helping our HeartLifters in their homes.  We’ve found that many of us were so used to coming to church with our spouse that it was too lonely coming to church and sitting alone. We have a HeartLifters pin and we hope that when you see our pin, you may want to reach out and perhaps invite us to sit with you.


Our Prayer :

Give us hearts
That are sympathetic and tender;
Jesus, like Thine.
Touched by the needs that are surging around us,
And filled with compassion divine.

Let us connect you with someone you can talk and pray with and can be an encouraging resource for each other, and we would like to encourage you to become a Prayer Partner.

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