What to Expect



What to expect at Sligo Church

Sligo Church is a unique experience no matter how you look at it. 

1. We are one of the most diverse churches in North America. We have people from over 70 countries represented in our congregation. You'll see almost a richness of color and culture across the spectrum at any of our main services. 

2. We don't play around when it comes to talent. Sligo Church is proud to be the home of many the best in their fields. Check out one of our services and see and hear the amazing gifts God has given us. 

3. Our services run the gambit on worship styles. For our main service at 11am Saturdays, we have a high church style. Our pipe organ and Steinway piano fill our sanctuary with music from the greatest old hymns to some of our favorite new hymns. Our Underground and Glow service sport more contemporary styles and Reset at 5pm in the evening is a style you'll have to hear to identify. 

4. Come as you are. Although you'll see plenty of spiffy suits and beautiful dresses at Sligo Church, we endeavor to welcome anyone to come and worship with us each Saturday morning. 

5. We are blessed to be on the campus of Washington Adventist University. We share parking with the university and on Saturdays there should be plenty. Some of it has some distance attached, so we have a shuttle going from the parking lots to the Greenwood entrance before and after services. 

6. Our Children are very important to us. We have dedicated teachers and leaders that will do almost anything to make sure your child's experience is amazing and they are introduced to Jesus. From our Kid's bible study classes Saturday morning to our monthly "PowerUp" Children's Church, we spare no expense to make sure your family makes Sligo your child's church of choice. 

7. We don't hold back when it comes to our Youth and Young Adults. Each Saturday our youth have dedicated "SYD" (Sligo Youth Department) Leaders making custom programs for our Saturday morning bible studies, our special youth and young adult services, Underground and Glow Worship (respectively) and many other activities and outreach. Our intent is to make sure your teenager or young adult is busy, involved and moving toward leadership. 


7700 Carroll Ave |  Takoma PARK, MD 20912