Sabbath School Classes

Sligo Church adult sabbath school classes are a place for learning, fellowship and sense of growth. Each sabbath, our attendees spend time in the bible from 10am-11am. This is a wonderful time to widen the horizons of your understanding of the God's word.




(Green Banner; Sanctuary: back, right): Strives for a comfortable interactive Bible study environment. Attendees serve God in practical ways: raising funds to support projects in the local community and around the world.



(Church office chapel): Studies the Bible with the aid of the Sabbath School quarterly.  The language used is that of the Mizo people, an ethnic group native to North-Eastern India, Western Burma, and Eastern Bangladesh.

Words to Live By


(Church office conference room): Discusses the weekly Sabbath School Lesson, with emphasis on biblical stories, the writings of Ellen White, and the application of these lessons in the world, the church, and individual lives.

 (Room 44; Second Floor). Seeks to understand the life of faith and practice the presence of Jesus by studying one book at a time, whether a book of the Bible or a book relating to spirituality, the religions and the intersection of religion and culture.  

Women of the Word


(Pink Banner; Sanctuary: in front of the mothers’ room): Combines in-depth open discussion of the Sabbath School lesson with a caring attitude toward each class member and guest.  Class members work to put their faith in action and regular social gatherings bring class members closer to each other. The class is led by women but all are welcome.

Purple Class


(Sanctuary: beside the mothers’ room): Treasures of wisdom, challenging questions and practical applications for growth and encouragement. Class members vow to know each other by name and by face, and seek to hold one another to account in the journey to be like Jesus.

Blue Class


(Sanctuary: front right, by the organ):  Benefits from the knowledge and experiences of a group of loyal members, for whom building community and participating in the lives of one another is as integral to Christian growth as is the discussion and application of the Sabbath School lesson.

Silver Class


(Sanctuary: front, center): Follows motto, "Live it, not just learn it." Interactive discussion of the weekly Sabbath School Lesson themes. The primary goal is to make each week’s discussion relevant to the personal and professional life of members, as they are encouraged and challenged to apply one thing learned during the discussion.

Faith and Reason


(Fellowship Room A): Seeks to strengthen faith in Jesus through thoughtful and open conversation on current topics as part of Sligo Church and as members of the community.

New Members Class


(Discipleship Room): Explores basic Christian teachings with the objective of creating a deeper desire for Bible study, fostering growth in Christ and deepening relationships between members.

Red Class


(Sanctuary: front, left): Provides a small, intimate group setting. Explores how each week’s Bible lesson relates to the wider society and to the lives of individual members.

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