Doing Life Together

What will we be discussing?
We recognize we are all busy and often don’t have time to read extra material when we join a small group.  To accommodate busy lives, we are using the lecture-lab model.  The sermon of the previous week serves as the lecture and the launching place for discussion. The small group will be the lab where we apply what we’ve heard from God’s Word through the sermon. If you listen to the sermon on Saturday mornings or online later in the week, you’ve already done your “homework”.

How do I make connections in my group?
The groups are limited to 8-12 people to facilitate building relationships. However, we recognize that even in a group of 8-12 it is difficult to connect with everyone in the same way. We encourage everyone in the group to become part of a pair or triad so they have a smaller circle with whom to connect. The pairs or triads can check in with each other (phone, email…) on the weeks the larger group is not meeting.   

What do I do about childcare?
Unless specified, all of our groups are adult groups. Except for nursing infants, group members will have to arrange for childcare themselves.

Will there be food?
Unless specified, hosts will provide refreshments for group gatherings.

For more information email Pastor Pranitha Fielder

7700 Carroll Ave |  Takoma PARK, MD 20912