Help Shepherd's Table Ministry


Nearly 38 years ago (Sept. 1978) the leaders of various churches in the Takoma Park-Silver Spring area decided there should be a program whereby seniors and shut-ins could get hot food delivered to their home daily.

At that time SALT Meals on Wheels was formed & incorporated.

(SALT stands for Silver Spring, Adelphi, Langley Park & :[.akoma Park).

At that time it was decided that each church would be responsible for one of the five week days.

As of now, there are only two churches still active in this program: Sligo Seventh-day Adventist & St .. Camillus Catholic Church. All others have found it necessary to drop out.

THIS PROGRAM NEEDS YOUR HELP! The most desirable situation would be for a group of members to be responsible for one day of the week. One member would be the "chair person" and others making the deliveries. The chair person makes sure the count and type of meals is correct as well as assuring there are delivery people for each route. We deliver in four routes--some do it alone, some do it with a friend. Participants need a car. (Time, car, gasoline etc are all volunteered) We get the food from the Kitchen of Washington Adventist Hospital. Addresses and instructions how to get to that address are very good.


How many of you remember being in junior Sabbath School? How many of you were fascinated of the idea of becoming a missionary? What happened to alter this fascination? Do you realize we have a mission project right here in Takoma Park? In fact, we have several. 

Every evening 120 to 150 homeless people, mostly men, come to have a good warm meal. This takes place in a facility in Silver Spring that was specially designed for that purpose. In fact, they provide many services a homeless might require: showers, clean clothes, doctor's appointments, etc. We simply provide the manpower to feed these people.

Our involvement is only one night a month. The hours are from about 5:45 to 7:45 . Many here could help us, but it seams few are taking the advantage. I believe these projects could help you in your Christian life.

Please see me if you could help out. Even if you could be a substitute and not a regular.  

Contact Paul Weir of Sligo Church 301-412-4604

Bernie Relf of St. Camillus Church 301-412-8076

7700 Carroll Ave |  Takoma PARK, MD 20912