What's For Breakfast?

Author: Chris Daley & Dawn Reynolds
February 25, 2016

Life in 2016 goes at uber speed dominated by school, work, and digital distractions.

We have to be intentional in building into our lives rituals to give shape and substance to our being.

Without such choices, we have dragged along by the day’s happenings like a ragdoll coupled to a race car.

Some folks have worship, some spend time in meditation, others exercise, while others plan breakfast together.

In the hustle of the morning, Junior/Juliet, your youngster may decide to act up and thus place a kink into the critical moments needed to get the day launched. How do you handle such situations?

One means of minimizing such moments is to build a blessing into the lives of our children.

The story of Isaac and Jacob informs us as to the importance of affirmation into the lives of our children. We being immersed in the WORD will choose to daily embed blessings into their lives that the vision we have for their lives will be given daily nurturing towards fulfillment.

We may have children away at college or schedule differences do not afford a physical presence. We however have tools to erase the geographical distances and provide us with a virtual presence. A text blessing would certainly brighten the heart of our kids.

Take a moment and share a morning ritual you deploy to breathe blessings into the lives of our youth.


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