TIME Off….You Need To Take Some.

Author: Erwin Mack
July 28, 2016

For many years Sylvia and I owned a furniture store in Takoma Park. We realized that when we entered into a contract with the previous owner that we would not be open Friday evenings and of course never on Sabbath. That led to many questions, not only by customers, but by our suppliers who wondered if we would be able to be a profitable business that they could trust to pay bills?

It didn’t take many months before our suppliers realized that our credit was our bond and that would never be broken, and no creditor ever had another worry for all the years we operated.

Operating a retail establishment required many hours of work, never being casual or careless because employees had to be taken care of and regular costs continued to require payment. All that took time and effort.

Whenever one agrees to take a responsibility that requires involvement, there comes a time when it is really necessary to get away and take time to relax and reflect on what can only be done away from the immediate and daily challenge. So, on a regular basis Sylvia and I would arrange our affairs to allow us to do that.

It was interesting to have our suppliers ask how we could continue to successfully operate a business and not be open on “Saturdays.” That was considered by most as next to impossible, so we simply explained that our “time off” on “Saturdays” gave us a period of rest to be able to recuperate for the challenges of the next week.

More than that, it was truly surprising to have customers ask why we were closed on “Saturdays” and when we explained why, almost without exception those customers said “Good for you, we should do the same and because you stand for such ideals, we can trust you in doing business with you” and they did.

Every now and then it is just as important to get away from the daily challenges to permit the mind to relax and absorb new and interesting things for the same reason. Last week Sylvia and I traveled to the Finger Lakes of New York State and were refreshed by the lack of traffic, the greenery of the vast acres of fields of corn and soy beans. What an opportunity to allow the mind to relax and be refreshed.

Do you take time off to reflect? If not, why not? Doing so will bring you an opportunity to recover and make life more valuable and interesting, both spiritually and intellectually. Try it and see!



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