Finding Your Perspective

Author: Terri Jo Hayes
August 30, 2018

Raised in a Christian home by parents who were the offspring of a Baptist minister and a Seventh-day Adventist minister, conversations about the Lord and His goodness always filled my family’s home.  We were taught that God loves and takes care of us, that we should love God and one another, and that Jesus was coming again to take us home to live with Him eternally.  That was my foundation—the principles that shaped my perspectives today.

But even with that foundation, this world can be cold and sometimes hard to live in. We hear daily news stories filled with uncertainty, anxiety, and sometimes despair.  Reports of mass shootings, brutal assaults, divisions instead of unity, natural and man-made catastrophes, and rampant injustices with increasing insensitivities make our hearts ache for the people involved. Sometimes we cry out, “Lord Jesus, come, now.” 

These things, coupled with our own personal challenges, sometimes seem too much to bear alone; but thank God, we don’t have to—when we have the right perspective.  Perspective is the way that we see or understand something.  It shapes our outlook on a situation.  Often I’ve had to put things into perspective to continuously remind me of ‘Who’ is in charge and how my experiences relate to the bigger picture. 

For example, in college when I had difficult exams approaching that made me anxious, I would calm myself down by comparing my exams to the end of the world and salvation—a stretch, I know. But realizing that the exam would come and go, with the results being whatever they were, but not the end of the world, helped me put things into proper perspective.  I would still have something to look forward to that the exam didn’t impact—eternal life!   

As I’ve gotten older, my faith has matured and, consequently, my perspectives have deepened and proven true.  A friend asked me recently, “Are you worried about an end of world war?”  “No,” I answered. “I don’t worry because I know the ultimate outcome.” Among all the changes and trials that this world brings, one thing never changes—and that’s God.  It doesn’t matter what the day’s issues are, whether they are on a personal, national, or international level.  They eventually pass, leaving those of us who love God still standing, holding on to our hope in Christ.  That doesn’t change. 

My godly perspective gives me peace, because God tells us not to worry about tomorrow nor be anxious about anything.  He promises that His peace, which transcends all understanding, will guard us; and that even to gray hairs, He will carry us.  

So, don’t feel overwhelmed by the issues of the day, like those who have no hope. Live in abundant peace right now, and from now on, when we have the right perspective. Knowing that God is sovereign and faithful, we can be sure that all will ultimately end well.  

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