Sit Still

Author: Catherine Bordeaux
January 26, 2017

“Then said she, ‘Sit still, my daughter, until thou know how the matter will fall’...) Ruth 3:18 (KJV)


If there's one thing needed today in the world it's people who can sit still and wait, people who have the patience and endurance that comes from sitting still.

We live in a world of frenzied activity. Success seems always to be linked with action. We run around, often “headless,” to make sure that we are doing something, which we think will add value to our lives. We often label those who are 'sitting still' as lazy, procrastinators or, worse still, losers.

Don’t get me wrong, activity has its place, and I'm certainly not advocating laziness at all. I am suggesting that moments of pause, while life unfolds, are crucial. Sometimes we 'jump the gun' in order to force something to happen, much to our detriment.

Think of the life of Jesus Christ. Here was a man who came to be the Savior of people and from His birth to His 'coming out' we see him only twice - at birth and at the age of twelve.

Where was He? What was He doing? For 30 years, people were ill, people died and there was not a word from him. And even when He did appear, He didn’t run into the graveyards and raised all the dead or healed every sick person in every part of the world. Also, at the beginning of His ministry He took a forty-day Sabbatical and went hiking in the wilderness. Often we find Him resting and even sleeping in the middle of storms. And although on a spiritual mission, He spent a lot of time siting around socializing, even with undesirables. And this person called Himself God!

What kind of God sits still? The kind of God whose agenda doesn't follow the frenetic persuasion of an age. The kind of God who values success by actions but also by heart motivation. The kind of God whose timing is impeccable. And the kind of God who invites us to be still so that we can know His heart and be at one with Him.

I urge you to refuse to be mesmerized by the non-stop pace of life. Step far away from the maddening crowd. Remove yourself from the incessant need to be busy so that you can feel valuable. Sit still and talk to the Father and 'hang out' with Him for a while. Your soul will be calmed; your spirits lifted; your life transformed.


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