Baptismal Testimony

Author: Andrew Wright
January 05, 2017

Alexander Wright is a senior citizen and retired after 31 years with the U.S. Postal Service. He has 2 adult children and 4 grandchildren. Initially, Alexander attended public school and during the mid 1950’s and as a rebellious teenager attended Adventist Church School for 2 years. Some friendships were developed among his peers. But, that was not enough to convince him to remain. He was permitted to return to public school where he attained athletic successes. But that was not enough. Jesus is calling.


Over the next 26 years he began a career in government service and reached the level of U.S. Postal Service representative, marriage, home, family and divorce. Occasionally, he accepted invitations to attend various churches including the Seventh-day Adventist Church. But that was not enough. There were individuals who could possibly see that not much true joy, peace or happiness was in his life, in spite of his cover ups. Family members invited him to attend the 1979 Breath of Life Crusade at the Warner Theater in Washington, D.C. He made excuses not to attend; he was just so busy. Jesus is calling.


As the challenges of life increased he began looking at the televangelists we are all familiar with during that time. He even viewed the Seventh-day Adventist program “It is Written” with George Vanderman. This man was different, he thought. However, he joined another church. He began reading the Bible. Then there was a sermon preached about death. He felt very uneasy about what he was hearing. In 1983 he heard about a “It is Written” bible study seminar coming to the new Washington D.C.  Conventional Center. He was curious. He soon found himself attending church on both Saturday and Sunday. He asked his pastor about the Sabbath and no bible text was provided to substantiate any other day of worship. He felt  very uneasy about what he was hearing. He had begun to embark on changing his diet after becoming ill because of something he ate. But that was not enough. Jesus is calling.


On January 7, 1984, Ron Halvorson, Sr baptized Alexander at the Takoma Park SDA Church. Intellectually, Alexander knew the doctrines that were preached and taught and that Jesus was God’s Son and sent him to us to die for our sins. He loved and enjoyed the fellowship with his brothers and sisters. He was involved in ministry. But, that was not enough. Over the years there were the occasions of spiritual highs and lows. During stressful situations he would fell depressed. A series of health issues occurred leading up to and including the year 2013. He was hospitalized and needed rehabilitation in a nursing home. It was during this time, in the depth of his illness, that Alexander heard a voice saying, “Let him Live”. God’s word confirmed this voice. See Psalm118:17, 18. Jesus is calling.


Jesus Christ has been knocking at Alexander’s heart for years. He realized this and that self must be crucified with Christ. He feels a very deep desire to be re-baptized. Today he is making a heart changing commitment to continue placing his trust in Chirst’s promised and abiding presence of the Holy Spirit. He is now actually having a love affair with his Savior, his Lord, his Friend, Jesus Christ. Alexander asks you, his brothers and sisters, “Are you troubled”?  Do you feel incomplete? Are you just so busy? Is there a lingering dissatisfaction that persists? Who or what are you trusting in and depending upon. Are you running to or from Jesus? It’s never too late!


Today, Jesus is calling and waiting for you!!

Remember in the end love (God) will win!!



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