An Opportunity to Enrich Relationships

Author: Chris Daley & Dawn Reynolds
March 04, 2016

 -by Chris Daley & Dawn Reynolds


Annie Dillard has a riveting quote that should arrest our attention.

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” 

As time online increasingly dominates our lives, we are called to be aware and intentional about our most precious commodity, time.

For the last several years, a software enterprise, Reboot has been leading the effort by creating a national unplug day that begins on the first Friday in March.

On National Unplug Day, we are persuaded to put aside phones, tablets, laptops and other Internet-connected devices from sunset Friday to sundown Saturday for a digital sabbath. The time might instead be used for quiet reflection, communing with the Creator and nature, reconnecting with family or friends.

 Just imagine a few of the possibilities.

Sleep better- Studies have shown that screen time before bed can reduce the quantity and quality of your sleep.

Stress less - Not seeing that every increasing inbox has its merits.

Connect with friends and family-With no cell phones or TV to distract you, it’s amazing how much more you’ll connect with friends and family. Give them the precious gift of your undivided attention.

Read more books - “That analog device is one of the best interfaces ever designed, “ Karl Lawrence is noted for declaring.

So are you finding this idea a stretch for your present situation? Well how about creating an attention budget that commits you to spending a certain amount of your off-line time.

Each week, increase the budget by ten (10) minutes and notice how this gradual approach affects the possibility for you to be intentional about your online life and media consumption.

We invite you to abandon the passive couch potato approach and take some action. In several years you will not regret spending alone time with that iPad. Remember the richness in our lives comes from relationships.






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