A Time of Promise & Peril

Author: Chris Daley & Dawn Reynolds
March 18, 2016


by Chris Daley & Dawn Reynolds

The delicate lily bursting through the barren winter sod is so symbolic of the hope of Spring.

After the dormancy of winter, there is an ignition of activities during the month of March that comes under the label of March Madness. College Basketball playoffs lead the ticket of activities followed by the orgy of Spring Break. 

This is also the season of ministry for many schools whose young people dedicate themselves to investing their time and talent into the lives of others. This is thus a time of promise and peril.

We are called to affirm those who dedicate their lives to expanding the Kingdom of God and be on our knees for those who may take the more self-indulgent path of riotous living.

There are those who will dedicate themselves to be salt and light at the basketball arenas and the Spring Break hot spots.

We are called to special prayer to give Godly coverage to all these activities. Let March Madness be also known as a season of prayer intensity.  



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