A Mother's Privilege

Author: Mary McFarlane
May 05, 2016

While a college student several years ago, our English teacher gave us an assignment to write on the subject of our mother.  I took delight in preparing this assignment and was not surprised that I got an A for this piece of work. My mother was pleased when she read what I had written about her, even the bits in which I expressed displeasure about her disciplinary techniques. I regret not keeping a copy of this assignment.

I get to celebrate Mother’s Day twice a year. In the United Kingdom Mother’s Day is celebrated in March and I receive special messages and gifts from my children who all live in England. Now that I reside in the United States, my children also send me messages for Mother’s day in May. 

May is a month that holds deep significance for me. My mother’s birthday comes a few days after Mother’s day. She passed away three years ago. How I wish she was still here, so that I could spend Mother’s Day with her, bringing her up to date with what’s happening in my life, laughing at her funny sayings and sharing a joke or two!  In her absence, on each Mother’s Day I celebrate her life and remember all she did to shape my life, not just for here on this earth but for eternity.

For many, Mother's Day holds painful memories - the loss of a child, the loss of a mother, etc. If you are a mother with such memories, I extend to you God's love and comfort. "As a mother consoles her child, so I will console you…” Isaiah 63:13

As each year passes I cherish the memories my mother has left behind. Remembering my mother loving me unconditionally with my shortcomings, broken promises, tantrums and wanting my own way often leaves me teary. Then there were the times when I had to be disciplined.  Being disciplined as a child was an aspect of growing up that I didn’t like. I remember muttering under my breath that I hated my mother after one of those encounters that left me in tears!  Looking back, I can appreciate that it was my mother’s love for me why I had to be disciplined.  She was only doing what she considered best for me.

Mom taught me to be a mother with Christian values. Over the years I watched her and today I walk in her footsteps by being an example to my own children and a role model just like her. I look at my own daughters and feel a sense of joy and fulfilment to see how well they are doing in their role as mothers, and how diligent they are in teaching their children about God’s love.

Being a mother is arguably the most challenging occupation there is. I salute all mothers, whether they be birth mothers, foster mothers, stepmothers or spiritual mothers. God has given us a special mission in life. While we will enjoy the flowers, chocolates and breakfast in bed this Sunday, our greatest enjoyment will come from knowing that as God chose Mary to be the mother of His Son, He also chose us to bring new life into the world and nurture them for His kingdom. What a privilege!

Love and Blessings for Mother’s Day!


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