Thank God for Hur: A Tribute To The Ministry Leaders of Sligo

Author: Senior Pastor Charles A. Tapp
March 01, 2018

In October 2004, I wrote an article that was published in Ministry Magazine. Ministry, as it is now called, is an international journal for ministers that is published by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Although it is published by our denomination, it has a readership that transcends that of the Adventist Church. Here you will find articles dealing with just about every aspect of ministry, from theology to many of the challenges that confront those in ministry on a daily basis.


In my article published in 2004, Thank God for Hur, I dealt with the challenges that confront many associate pastors, such as their ministry not being viewed as important as that of the senior or lead pastor. Although much of their ministry mirrors that of a senior pastor, associate pastors have the opportunity to focus on specialized areas of ministry that help to enhance the overall growth and development of a congregation. Here at Sligo, we are fortunate to have associates pastors that have years of experience in various fields. Without the rich diversity of experience these women and men bring to the table, our church would not be the same.


In Thank God For Hur, I dealt how the important Aaron and Hur were to Moses’ leadership and to the Israelites success in battle. Now most of us I’m sure are familiar with Aaron, but who in the world is Hur? Hur, in case you have forgotten, was one of two individuals that supported Moses’ hands as he held up the rod of God during a battle with the Amalekites. Although Hur’s identity remains somewhat sketchy, his role was vital in securing Israel’s victory against such a formidable enemy. According to the story in Exodus 17, as long as Moses’ arms were held up, the Israelite’s were victorious in battle. But the moment Moses would tire and lower his hands, they would experience defeat. But that’s where Aaron and Hur came in. Their job was to hold up the hands of their leader Moses, and as a result, God’s people were victorious that day.


The month of March here at Sligo has been designated as Ministry Leader Appreciation Month. The reason behind this is that in a very real sense, the ministry leaders of our church serve as the modern day Aaron and Hurs of our congregation. Some may be well known like Aaron, but others may not be that well known like Hur. Without the faithful support and dedication of both, Sligo would not be the community it is today. And just as it is with our associate pastors, without the rich diversity of experience our ministry leaders here at Sligo bring to the table, our church, would not be what it is today: a vibrant source of strength and love. So on behalf of the Sligo leadership, I want to let all of the ministry leaders in our congregation know just how much we appreciate their tireless commitment to their church and how much they are valued by those whom they serve, as well as those who serve along side of them. Happy Ministry Leaders Appreciation Month to all the Aarons and Hurs of Sligo, not just this month, but each month of the 



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