His Service Plan

Author: Pastor Richard Castillo
February 22, 2018

It’s amazing what you don’t know until you know it.  It became apparent this week that God cares about the car I drive. We can get caught up in the ins and outs of what or how God is concerned with our everyday life, but I tend to lean towards the idea that God is interested in the very smallest details of our life. It is only proof to me of just how powerful He truly is.  The smaller the detail the more amazed I am that He cares.


I found myself at the Maryland emissions test center last week thinking I was good as gold! What I had somehow failed to notice was that my check engine light had come on and my car failed the test. They told me it was either my O2 sensor, which is a fairly cheap fix, or my catalytic converter, which is very expensive to fix. It may just be me, but when I hear I might have to spend $2000 out of my pocket to fix a component that hasn’t affected the performance of my car, as of yet, I begin to think of how I can get a different car.


I found myself sitting in a dealership parking lot staring at a beautiful black 2014 Chevy Camaro. I have to admit I stared long and hard at that car trying to figure out how I could possibly get away with it.  On one hand, I’m getting closer to middle aged and I could fake a mid-life crisis or maybe have a real one; or on the other hand, maybe my growing daughters wouldn’t mind sitting in tiny back seats for the sake of their father’s car dreams. In the end, I decided to be an adult and I drove out of the dealership and headed to the place where I usually get work done on my car.


Again, this may just be me, but I feel as though God massages my brain at times, because I began to realize how much I love my car. It would be pretty sad to lose a car I felt God had found for me in the first place. Interestingly, as I was driving into the dealer where I have my service done, I was looking at all the updated and new versions of my car and realized how unattractive I found all of them. In fact, when I stepped out of my car, it was the most beautiful car in the parking lot to me. I suddenly wanted to fight for my car. Turns out, God was already working.


As I consulted with the dealer’s service people, they looked at my account and informed me that I had a warranty that was still good and that would cover my catalytic converter until 80,000 miles. Fear shot through me because I knew I was very close. I went out to my car, started the engine and looking back at me was an odometer reading of 79,998. I sat back in my seat and prayed a prayer of thanks to God.


It turns out, at least for now, I’m secure in the fact that Richard Castillo and my silver Hyundai are meant to be together. I’ve been praying for all kinds of other larger priorities in my life and I know God hears and answers those prayers, I’m just amazed at the needs I have never prayed for that God is also taking care of.  I believe God is intricately working on behalf of each and every one of his children.


We all have these wants or dreams of what our life could be. Like my Camaro dreams, right now, God knows this is not the right time. He is clear that I have dedicated my life to His service and maybe one day, while in His service a Camaro might make sense, but God is clear what He needs me to do and be for Him right now. My spiritual self-esteem has risen based on this experience, because I know that God cares and knows my heart’s desire but is willing to help me stay on task.


Do you doubt your value to God? Are you challenged by my story in a way that makes you question where your heavenly relationship stands? It can be challenging, but you need to know that no matter what, you and I are both in the palm of His hand. 


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