Here I Am, Send Me!

Author: Ross Patterson
November 29, 2018

Last year church member, Hannah Koilpillai, needed help with a project. She briefly explained to me that she needed a group of young people to move some furniture the following Sunday. I said I would definitely keep an eye out for some help and ask a few youth or young adults. Because of the short notice, it was proving to be more difficult than I thought to find this help. A few days later Hannah called me to see if I had anyone who was willing to use their Sunday to move the furniture. She then explained the project to me and how it was going to help refugee families. Immediately, my brain started running through my usual Sunday scenarios: maybe I wanted to watch football or maybe I needed to work on my car. I started to realize that I could always make an excuse or come up with a reason for why I was “unavailable” or why I couldn’t do it.  We do this often; we talk ourselves out of things that we feel are not a priority. Hannah wasn't asking me specifically to do the moving, because she knew I had just recovered from an Achilles injury, but I said that if no one else was available, I would definitely lend a hand. 

Sometimes we let ministries bottle-neck because we allow other things in our lives to take priority. We often convince ourselves that we are too busy and there is no time. However, we always find time for the things that we feel are important to us. 

Fast-forwarding to present day, I have seen how this refugee ministry has grown and has attracted more help. I was able to talk about this ministry to the churches in the North American Division via the Hope Channel. One of my photos was even used on the cover of the Columbia Union Visitor magazine, highlighting this special ministry. This all happened because of people that were willing to say, “Here am I. Send me”. This attitude will give ministries the capacity to move forward and expand. 
When I think of being the one to push Gods work forward, I often reflect of one of my childhood friends and a former pastor at Sligo Church, Pastor Paolo Esposito. He once told me how he and his cousin came into the gospel ministry. I knew that his dad was also a pastor but he told me that in Argentina a Seventh-day Adventist church member was going door to door with Seventh-day Adventist literature and offering bible studies. He told me his dad’s home was one that was visited by this literature evangelist and that that changed his father’s life. I thought this was so interesting, because if that person had claimed that they were too tired to go and hand out these materials or had stopped before reaching the Esposito’s house, the lives of the Espositos might be different today. Unknowingly, this bible worker’s visit would eventually produce three influential pastors that would baptize many. Something as simple as going door to door still can have an impact today.  That literature evangelist said, “Here am I. Send me,” and was willing to use his or her free time to make God’s ministry a priority.
What calling are you avoiding and talking yourself out of that is slowing down the growth of the kingdom of God?  Everyday you have the opportunity to be the reason that someone gets closer to God, I hope you too will say, “Here am I. Send me.” The greater the assignment the greater the assistance! Our church has a high calling.  

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