Unity in Diversity

Author: Charles A. Tapp
August 04, 2016

Recently, there has been a great deal of turmoil in our nation, which in many ways has done more to divide us than to bring us together. Although we bear the name United States of America, it seems as though the focus has been on our differences than on those things that we can agree upon. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that being different is the problem. I have always believed that one of the greatest things about this country is that it is made up of many different people from many different parts of the world. But when we use our differences as instruments to bring about division and strife instead of celebrating and valuing them, that’s where I take issue.

That’s why for me, this year’s Sligo Church Homecoming has taken on even greater significance than it had in previous years. As the community of Christ, I believe it is our God-given mission to demonstrate to the broader community that it is possible for a diverse body such as ours to do more than simply tolerate each other and actually live in harmony with one another. But this mandates that we must be willing to appreciate one another, including those things that we find different in each other. Each Sabbath as I stand behind the pulpit and look at the beautiful mosaic that is Sligo, it truly warms my heart. To see each week such a diverse community connecting and bonding with one another as we all unite in worship of the same God, is something to behold. I pray that we never take this precious gift for granted but cherish it for the privilege that it is.

Speaking of community, as you know, our theme for this year’s Homecoming Celebration is “Created for Community.” This acknowledges the fact that our desire to live in community comes from the understanding that we were created to exist in community by a God that also exists in community. 

We are pleased to welcome back to Sligo as our speaker for Homecoming 2016, former senior pastor here at Sligo, Ron Halverson Jr., as he shares the message “Waking the Dead.” Our prayer is that you will make the effort to join us this Sabbath for this special celebration, either in person or online if you are unable to physically be with us, as this diverse community we call Sligo unites in worship as one body - united by our love for God and one another!


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