Give our teachers some love!

Author: Chris Daley & Dawn Reynolds
May 05, 2016

Teachers may be our most unappreciated heroes! When we consider the people who have had the most impact on our lives, teachers are always among the first to leap to mind.  Parents are our first educators but that role is quickly augmented by those who are fully dedicated professionally to the stewardship of molding our lives, guiding us, encouraging us, and inspiring us to be the best we can be.


In a society where the family experiences severe stress, strain, and brokenness, teachers serve as role models, social workers and much more.  They help us build self-esteem, discover and pursue our passions, and conquer challenges.  They teach us to learn from our mistakes and to keep striving, to keep growing.


This week we affirm all teachers by recognizing their significant contributions and sacrifices.  Yes, it’s National Teacher Appreciation Week.  Let’s use this time as an opportunity to thank a teacher today by whatever means possible.


            Send a card

            Send an email

            Post a sentiment on their Facebook Wall

            Call them and tell them

            Stop them in the hallway and share an affirmation

Give back by making a donation to an educational institution


Use whatever creative ways you find possible to lift up these heroes.  Our community will be all the better for it.


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