The Death of A Prince

Author: Cheryl Wilson-Bridges
May 19, 2016

Music is a language all its own. It can make us laugh, cry, happy, sad, angry, determined, excited, energized, calm, and so much more. When you experience music at its finest the affects are not only memorable but far reaching. As a pastor, I have experienced how music can enhance any moment or message. It can transform our lives. So what happens when the music stops?


On April 21, 2016 the artist called Prince, Prince Rogers Nelson, was found alone and lifeless in his Paisley Park Estate where he was pronounced dead at the scene. Prince, a title which most of us thought was his stage, not his birth name, was an artist's artist. He was an eclectic musician with a beautifully strange stage persona yet conversely shy personality. Nevertheless, Prince was a musical genius. As a composer, singer, record producer, arranger and instrumentalist mastering twenty-six instruments, Oscar, Golden Globe, and multiple Grammy winner, his stature in the music and entertainment industries was unparalleled. He reigned as the Prince of music until his death.


I must admit as a Seventh-day Adventist pastor I feel a twinge of shame that this tragedy has had such an effect on me personally. But it did. I was sitting at my kitchen table listening to CNN while working; and the breaking news reported that a death had been called in to the police from Prince's estate.


All I could do was hold my breath. I thought about the artistry of such a talented musician. I pondered the numerous hits recorded by Prince that were the soundtrack of my college years. I wondered if he had accepted Jesus Christ into his heart. I prayed it was a hoax. But it wasn't. As we all know now, Prince died and the circumstances surrounding his death are less than illustrious. For those of us who marveled at his talent and admired his artistry, his music has stopped.


In his celebrity, Prince didn't just have fans, he had devoted followers. There were people from around the nation and the world who flocked to hear his music and gathered when he died. The affects of his music are boundless. While his time with us was too short, his superb artistry and musicianship will never be forgotten. Rest in peace your Purpleness!


Few people make a mark in history like Prince. Usually these world changers are people who march to the beat of their own drum. They follow few, yet lead many. Centuries ago another Prince died. He also was a celebrity who was considered eclectic and strange for His time. He didn't have fans, He had devoted followers- disciples even. The crowds flocked to Him and adored Him. He had a unique kingdom message. He presented the Scriptures masterfully with a knowledge and compassion for people that was unparalleled.  His name was Jesus Christ, but they called Him the Prince of Peace (Is. 9:6).


He also loved music. So much so He created it. For this Prince, music heralded his birth, announced his reign and will trumpet His soon return. Yet He too died alone. But His music has no end (Rev. 5:9). Although His life was short, belief in His ministry gives us redemption and eternal life. He rejoices over us with singing (Zeph. 4:17) and He reigns forever. His music will never stop because His kingdom has no end.



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