Beyond The Walls

Author: Pastor Charles Tapp
February 02, 2017

In case you're not aware, there has been a great deal of rhetoric lately in regards to the building of walls in our country for the purpose of protecting our borders. Walls, as you well know, serve in many cases to keep unwanted elements out of areas where they do not belong. As a child I attended an elementary school where the perimeter of our entire school was protected by a brick wall. We were told by the administration that it was for the purpose of keeping unwanted elements in our community where they belonged; on the outside. I’m sure to some degree this may have proved to be a success, but I would also have you know that each time our ball would go over the wall, while we were at play, we simply climbed the wall in order to retrieve it.


With all of this talk about building walls, I can’t help but think of the Old Testament story of Joshua and how with one cry of God’s people, the walls of Jericho came tumbling down. Of course we know that walls do serve a purpose and that there are times when they are desperately needed. However, we must never forget that regardless of what walls we, as a nation or even as a church, might erect that when God is ready, they can and will come tumbling down. 


This brings me to my main point: as Christians, how are we to respond when we encounter walls that have been erected for the purpose of keeping out the very ones that need our help the most? Let me be clear on this point, some of the most impenetrable walls aren’t made of brick and mortar, but they are made of policies, positions, and prejudices, which in many cases serve to be even stronger than any wall we can erect with our hands. I believe that as Christians, we have a calling on our lives to go “Beyond the Walls,” regardless of who or what has erected them. Join us this Sabbath at Sligo as we search for answers in God’s Word as I share the message, Beyond the Walls: The Kingdom’s Response.


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