Getting Dirty for God

Author: Ken Flemmer
November 21, 2018

Each morning the Adventist Community Services staff and volunteers take a few minutes for reflection and prayer.  The thought for Tuesday gave a jolt:  “Not all who say Lord Lord. . .” (Matthew 7:21) were words early in Jesus’ ministry.  Near the end of His ministry the following words recorded in Matthew 25 stand in sharp contrast: “I was hungry and you gave me food. . .”  This is clearly a call to not just say the right things but to obey and act, to not fear getting “dirty” for God.

In the last few weeks I have seen Sligo members roll up their sleeves and engage.  When the call went out that hundreds of families were counting on us for food to celebrate a Holiday, Sligo members stepped up.  You shopped, you packed, you delivered, you bought and you volunteered. 

This week was intense as hundreds of families came to the Center to collect a Thanksgiving basket.  What if Sligo members had been content to only call out Lord Lord?  What if?  I am so blessed to see the smiles and words of appreciation from those leaving the Center with a 30 pound basket.   I am so blessed to have local political leaders come by to lend a hand to hear amazed comments about what the Adventist members are doing for the community.  Today these words will have to suffice.

Enter this Thanksgiving Holiday knowing that you were the hands of Jesus to many hundreds of our neighbors. Thank You and Thank You!


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