I Love Change!

Author: Pastor Richard Castillo
November 08, 2018

Personally, I love change. I love the shifting sand that makes up our lives and gives it nuance and bright colors. I appreciate a new experience or new method. I love the feeling of setting off in a new direction. In fact, I can get bored pretty quickly. If you watch me design graphics and video, you’ll see how unconnected and maybe unappreciative I am of my old work, sometimes seconds old. I simply want to move on to the next idea or the next challenge.  This put me at great odds with my fellow church members when I was a kid.

If I’d respected the old adage of, “children should be seen, not heard”, my life would have been admittedly much simpler. Of course, I was no respecter of old adages, because again, I LOVE change. Even the biblical story of heaven and the new earth would always send a tiny ping of anxiety through my brain as I sat in children’s Sabbath School. The simple reason was that each description of this paradise included comfortable temperatures and a seeming complete lack of diversity in weather.

If you’ve spent any time with me, you’ll know I’m a bit of a severe weather enthusiast. Where everyone runs in and away, I’m running out and toward. A great weather day is a day with big changes and gusty wind and something worth talking about.

I’ve always wanted to see the excitement of change happening within my beloved church. Those that may be change-adverse may cringe when I walk their direction with that look in my eye, because I’ve usually got an idea. I love adding intentionality to any event or change.

These days I’ve learned how to manage my fickle mindset. I’ve learned that change for the sake of change isn’t usually worth doing. Change with intentionality, planning and excellence has a much better chance of being worth the effort. The beauty of designing something while having the knowledge that it will be loved and appreciated is one of my greatest joys.

There is quite a bit of change and upheaval happening in and around our church. You can either hide from it like some do from the weather, or you can be informed and be ready to take advantage of the positives. If you choose to be ready and see changes as an opportunity rather than a burden, you may be ready to be thankful to God for the blessings He is ready to richly bestow.

There is one big change I am so ready for. I can’t wait to leave this world behind and spend time with Jesus in an earth made new. I’m personally planning for diverse and exciting (but not destructive) weather.

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