"This is sad!"

Author: Erwin H. Mack, Head Elder
March 15, 2018

I lifted the above and following out of an e-mail that was written by a frustrated Activities Director in a Ford Model T Club some distance from here, to which we belong. It’s been haunting me each time as I’ve read it over and over again.


“Today is January 27th, 2018 and I haven't received one volunteer to do a Model T Tour this year even though I sent out an E-Mail to all of you early in December, 2017 asking for volunteers. 


I sent an E-Mail to everyone requesting Tour Hosts by our Board Meeting which is Saturday, February 3rd.  This is the main reason I wasn't planning to be the Activities Director this year because everyone wants somebody else to do everything, but then I relented again for this year. 


This is sad!  If I don't get better results this year, I will not even consider being the Activities Director again!!”


Probably the best phrase is - “This is sad!” as it comes straight from the heart of a very decent person, totally frustrated at feeling alone with a responsibility that needs other friends to help in making it possible.

Ever felt that way? “This is sad!”

Every organization, every fraternity, every club, every Church will cease to be what it is if the members fail to become actively involved in some way or another.

Sligo Church is no different! Almost every Sabbath the Worship Leader points out the many areas mentioned in either the Church bulletin or in the card in the pocket in the seat in front of the worshippers, that there is a need for help in a variety of areas and strongly suggests that the worshippers fill in an area where each can contribute in some way to help the Sligo Church be what attendees want it to be.

I don’t know if that frustrated Ford Model T Activities Director will get a response by stating the obvious – “This is sad!”, but I can only hope that several capable hearts will be touched and will respond to that plea.

What a most pleasant surprise it would be if you received a request to help in one of the many opportunities within Sligo and your heart responded by sending in….”I’d like to help in ……..,” especially at this time when we are seeking to build community and involve every member in the life of our church.

“This is sad!” would suddenly turn into “Am I glad!” from the bottom of the heart of a Sligo Activity Director where help is needed.

Only you can make that happen.

God will bless us all as we rise to these truly needy opportunities.


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