Hero Maker

Author: Pastor Gerry Lopez
September 13, 2018

Many of us have grown up watching super heroes on television or in movies. Super heroes are normally presented as individuals with certain powers and abilities, and usually with a muscular body frame.  On one occasion, as a child, I thought I could be Superman and jump off a second story stair case and possibly fly down to the first floor.  I soon realized that I was not Superman and that I could not fly. I got really scared!  Instead of jumping off and flying, I hung swinging from the staircase and calling out for my mom.  The superhero was my mom, because she rescued me from falling! I wanted to be like those heroes and thought I had to do super things in order to be like them, but I have found out that this is not true; I must be a hero maker and not the hero.

This week I had the opportunity to attend a conference in Chantilly, VA, as part of my Potomac Conference pastors group activities.  The theme for the event, dubbed an Exponential Conference, was Hero Maker. Even though it was geared towards church planting, I learned much from it regarding leadership and discipleship. I have been in ministry for almost 12 years and have been involved with working with volunteers who have taken various roles in leadership.  An important question for me is, have I helped others become leaders in Christ’s ministry, or have I had my own agenda?  Leaders are needed to ensure that there is success in the ministries God has handed to me, because without them those ministries will be unsuccessful.

Often in ministry, leadership can easily fall into thinking that one must be the hero for a particular ministry and try to rescue it or do everything in it.  At the Exponential Conference, Pastor Devin Turner from Revolution Church in DC, touched on a focus point and stated, “Either my ambition must be in line with God’s provision or I’m not multiplying disciples; I’m just adding cultural Christians.”  In other words, it’s easy to make cultural Christians, those that believe that Jesus exists, possibly pray and attend church but who don’t submit to Him as Lord and Savior…just religion followers.  The true Heroes are those whose motives in leadership is simply building the Kingdom of God.  Many of you have been or are in leadership. Have you been a Hero Maker or just a Cultural Christian Maker?

As leaders at Sligo Church, our goal should be to make heroes - leaders that understand who Jesus is and could be in their lives.  In order to do that, one must also be made into a hero, not like the ones on television or in the movies, who have super powers, but rather a disciple of Jesus.  This is more like the heroes in the Bible, who were given a great commission to follow Jesus as their Savior and tell others of His love, His grace, and His sacrifice for sinners.  So, as Pastor Turner said, “Either my ambitions must be in line with God’s provision or I’m not multiplying disciples; I’m just adding cultural Christians.” Our mission should not be becoming a hero but rather, being a hero maker!

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