The Best Things in Life

Author: Dr. James Gulley
July 07, 2016

Often we place value on expensive items, but some of the best things in life are free. Take for example having a trusting life partner, versus, let’s say, a new car. Oh, I know they both cost something, but each represent a different form of payment. You will pay for the car with money (or with the bank's money) but to build a lasting relationship the key currency is the universally available mixture of time, effort, and trust.

When Trenise and I first started dating, it was a long- distance romance. We had to put in the effort to connect, the time to fly between Los Angeles and Atlanta, and the trust that we were building a future. This investment enabled us to spend valuable hours getting to know each other, getting to explore each other's values, and understand each other's strengths and aspirations. There's no doubt in my mind it would've been a much less emotional investment to buy a car, but much, much less rewarding.

Last week we celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. As I look back, I know the happiest times in my life have not been when I was in a luxurious hotel on travel, or seeing some exotic place - they have been spending time with my family playing a simple board game or sharing stories and laughs. It is much like our relationship with God. Anybody who wants to know Him has access to Him, yet this relationship is not without cost. You don’t have to be rich to experience a relationship with God. You just have to invest time, effort, and trust.



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