Sometimes God is Weird that Way

Author: Christina Rosette
January 17, 2019

In fifth grade I joined Pathfinders with my best friend, which was a good thing because shy and timid Christina didn’t talk much.  Pathfinders opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me. I found new friends; I went rock repelling; I learned how to start and care for my own camp fire; I learned how to react in emergency situations, including how to do lifesaving CPR; I learned how to collect cans door to door; and I experienced what it was like to be an integral member of a team. I discovered that I was capable of so much more than I thought. Later on, I shifted my focus to music and academics, leaving Pathfinders behind me. I loved my time in Pathfinders and was thankful for it, but God wasn’t quite ready for me to be finished with Pathfinders. He still had an important lesson for me to grasp.

One Sabbath, two Sligo Pathfinder staff members asked me to join the Pathfinder club as a staff member. I was surprised and had no intention of joining, I was very shy and I didn’t think I would be any help. For some reason I agreed to attend a Pathfinder meeting, and long story short, I became a unit counselor. Now, I am not the most self-confident person, and I remember thinking, “I don’t know the first thing about being a Pathfinder staff member, what on earth am I doing?”

I had so many questions and misgivings. Many emails flew back and forth between the Pathfinder director, deputy directors, and me. I prayed so much, always seeking advice and help. Yet God didn’t seem to respond with answers, let alone specific ones. So, that’s how the year went - I wondering, worrying, asking questions and praying, never really confident in what I was doing but trusting God and serving anyway. It wasn’t till the end of the year that I realized I was doing ok, maybe even well. I couldn’t believe it! How had I not messed things up?

Sometimes God is weird that way. He doesn't say you can do it: He just presents you with an obstacle and asks you to do it. Then, while you are muttering to yourself about how you can’t possibly do it, you actually do it. Then, I imagine, God just sits back and chuckles as you stand there dumbfounded by your success.

Sometimes God asks you to trust Him first. Whether it's waiting for an answer to prayer, making a decision, or agreeing to serve Him. I hadn’t realized it yet, but God had placed me among caring leaders who would encourage my growth and development into a God-fearing leader. Before I had even thought to pray about it, He had already set plans into motion to answer my prayers for advice and help. I was too busy worrying and stressing to notice Him working. Without noticing it, I had grown. Sometimes it's difficult to understand God; sometimes He seems to stay frustratingly silent, but nothing can separate us from the love of God. He is always there, ready and willing to help us become more than we thought possible.


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