Cycling Behind The Savior

Author: Pastor Joseph Khabbaz
May 12, 2016

 Set in the majestic hills and flatlands of France, the Tour De France is a 2,000-mile cycling contest that is considered to be one of the most challenging competitions in all of sports. One of the difficulties a rider faces on the course is headwind, resistance that is created by the air. To overcome this obstacle, cyclists have learned to use a technique called drafting by working together as a team. Drafting is when a cyclist rides directly behind another cyclist, this act of following closely reduces the challenges of headwind.


As we continue our church-wide Jesus Project initiative, an exciting opportunity for our church to read a chapter a week of the classic Desire of Ages, the author provides the following commentary on Jesus as our Shepherd:

“As the shepherd goes before his sheep, himself first encountering the perils of the way, so does Jesus with His people. When He putteth forth His own sheep, He goeth before them. The way to heaven is consecrated by the Saviour's footprints. The path may be steep and rugged, but Jesus has traveled that way; His feet have pressed down the cruel thorns, to make the pathway easier for us."

Jesus is described as a shepherd that goes before His sheep. This powerful illustration reveals that before we face any trial, Jesus has already passed through that trial to make our way easier. In going before us, nothing catches Jesus by surprise, He is not alarmed or concerned, rather He knows exactly what we are about to face and He seeks to smooth the way for us. By drafting behind Jesus and following Him closely it reduces the challenges that the winds of life bring.

Are you feeling tired from the demands of this life? If so, Jesus wills for you to cycle behind Him. When we attempt to face the headwinds of life by ourselves we realize that the faster we go the more resistance we face. What areas of your life is Jesus asking you to follow Him in? Are you suffering in silence and feeling abandoned? Is there someone you need to forgive but have found it difficult? Are you frustrated with the stage of life you are in, where there is a gap between your expectations and your experience?

Some of us may be looking for a way out of our circumstances, but maybe Jesus is saying I will show you a way through it and it is by following Me. It is when we allow Jesus to be our Shepherd that true healing takes place. The Apostle Matthew gave this promise as we follow Jesus, “...Many followed Him, and He healed them all,” (Matthew 12:15). It is when we come to the point where we are willing to follow Jesus anywhere He leads that true healing can take place in our lives, in our homes and in our communities. Our loving Savior knows the challenges that are ahead of us but He promises to smooth the way. Our comfort and healing is not in how fast we can go but how closely we can follow the One that goes before us.

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