The Sound of Silence is Deafening!

Author: Erwin Mack
March 21, 2019

You were missed! – or – I missed you!

We came home from a recent trip of several days to find that there were 103 Spam items caught on our computer. Think of that….103 items. When checking on their veracity, only 4 or 5 proved to worth keeping. Organizations or people were leaving us messages, whether we liked it or not, even though the sender/s had no idea if we were interested in them or if we were home.

What if we had come home and there were no new messages on either the phone, screen, or Spam trap?  What would that have told us? It would appear that no one cared about us, wouldn’t it?

What if you hadn’t been to church or church functions for some time and no one sent you a note, indicating they missed you? “The sound of silence is deafening!”

What if messages were left on your phone or computer that started out by stating “You were missed?” That has the ring of an automaton sending out messages that were recorded. What about hearing “I missed you!,” followed by your name? 

There isn’t anyone who hasn’t wondered what has happened to those who know them, but they haven’t reached out to let them know they missed them. Maybe they assumed that someone else was reaching out to you to tell you “I missed you,” but no one did.

We assume that families who have lost loved ones will continue to receive condolences, but those condolences do stop and the loss continues to be felt. A friendly “I missed you!” or “I care for you” from time to time will bring assurance and joy to the recipient. Illnesses need comforting calls as well. 

Don’t make assumptions that your Pastors, your Elders, your Deacons, your Deaconesses, the SS teachers, the church Office Workers, etc., don’t have spiritual and personal “down times.” They do and an occasional call or note from you will make a huge difference, perhaps more than you might imagine. 

God bless our Sligo family, a family that cares for all the family members. Will you give a family a reason to smile from time to time?
The Sound of Silence is Deafening!


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